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How To Use AI To Automate Your Keyword Tagging

How To Use AI Tools To Automate Your Keyword Tagging Process

Digital asset management systems, like OpenAsset, rely on keywords to enable the categorization and retrieval of specific files from your digital asset library. Though necessary, the keyword tagging process is admittedly daunting, especially considering the sheer number of files in the average digital asset library. 

Fortunately, your OpenAsset DAM solution is enabled with innovative automation tools – including a brand new feature – that makes the keyword tagging process a whole lot easier.

Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence with Suggested Keywords From OpenAsset

Introducing Suggested Keywords, an innovative new solution from OpenAsset that uses artificial intelligence to suggest relevant keywords for image files. Designed with speed in mind, the Suggested Keywords feature enables rapid tagging of image files, making it easier to tag files at speed and eliminating the need to scour through your taxonomy. 

Available on the “Keywords” tab within the file page, the Suggested Keyword feature leverages OpenAsset’s domain expertise to provide relevant AEC-specific keyword suggestions and recommend industry-specific terms. Suggested Keywords also enable users to add keywords from outside their taxonomy, by prompting them to add the keyword to an existing “Keyword Category” and suggesting new keyword categories when suitable.

Add Important Context with AEC-Specific Keyword Suggestions

The time-saving features of the Suggested Keywords tool are incredibly valuable, but so is the context that the AEC-specific keywords provide to your project files. While other DAM tools might see an image depicting a crane and suggest ‘Crane’ as a keyword, OpenAsset’s Suggested Keyword tool understands that the image also depicts “Site Progress”. 

In addition to context, these suggested keywords may also provide inspiration, enabling users to add keywords they might not otherwise consider. For example, after adding the keyword “Crane” as a construction element, a user might be inspired to add the keyword “Scaffolding” as they anticipate this will come in helpful for future tagging purposes. 

Boost Efficiency by Bulk Editing with Similar Image Search 

Working in tandem with the Suggested Keyword tool, the Similar Image Search feature enables OpenAsset users to readily surface images similar to the image in question, enabling users to bulk edit images with carefully selected keywords. 

The Similar Image Search works by scanning thousands of data points to identify the various aspects of an image, including objects, scenes, and styles. Once scanned, the OpenAsset platform surfaces similar images that match the criteria. Though simple in premise, the Similar Image Search feature is incredibly valuable because it enables users to tag images in bulk, saving both time and resources on hours spent manually tagging thousands of similar images.

How to Use Similar Image Search to Improve Efficiency and Productivity 

Unless you’re new to OpenAsset or have been extremely thorough in your tagging processes, there will likely be some gaps in your keyword coverage that you are unaware of. While there are no hard and fast rules on the exact number of keywords you should have on any project or file – different systems work for different teams – we do recommend taking stock of your keyword usage to understand whether adding keywords might make sense.

Fortunately, the Similar Image Search feature is designed to help make this process easier. 

The best way to utilize the Similar Image Search feature is to ensure full keyword coverage by filtering files lacking keywords. The process will reveal a grid of images. Hover over the first image and click on the “More” button and “Select all” of the similar images. Navigate to your selection and click “Edit” to apply keywords shared across all images. 

The above recording displays the process in action, adding the keyword “Exterior” to all similar images that are surfaced, before de-selecting files and adding the keyword “Brick” to the remainder. Repeat this process with other files in your initial search (those lacking keywords) to improve your keyword coverage exponentially. 

Get Started With AI Tagging Today

Keyword tagging image files can be a tedious, time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to the Suggested Keywords and Similar Image Search features included in your OpenAsset DAM. 

Combined, these features not only improve the keyword coverage of your image library, they enable your team with the context and inspiration they need to make smart decisions that make your system more efficient. 

As always, if you need assistance with any part of your OpenAsset DAM solution, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or out to our Support team.

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