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Make Your Work Easier with OpenAsset’s New AI Facial Recognition Feature


We’re happy to share a new feature in our Employee Module at OpenAsset: AI Facial Recognition! This feature will change how AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) firms manage and find employee photos, making your work easier and faster.

How It Helps You

Our AI Facial Recognition feature helps you find the right photos quickly and makes uploading photos faster. No more tagging photos by hand—our AI does it for you, saving you time. This means your team can focus on important tasks like making winning proposals and growing your business.

Why You’ll Love AI Facial Recognition:

  • Automatic Tagging: Spend less time tagging photos by hand. Our AI tags photos for you, giving your team more time for important work.
  • Easy Profile Matching: Our AI links tagged faces to employee profiles, making sure all photos are correctly matched and easy to find.
  • Better Search: Employee faces are now easy to find, making the search process faster and simpler.
  • Tagging Non-Employees: Our AI also tags people without profiles in OpenAsset, making them searchable too.

To learn more, including information on data privacy and security, check out our Help Site.

Ready to Get Started?

The AI Facial Recognition feature is now available for all clients with our Employee Module. To learn more or to add this feature to your OpenAsset system, contact our Customer Success team at

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