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OpenAsset Announces Plugin for WordPress


New York City, New York – OpenAsset, the leading digital asset management provider for the AEC industry, is excited to announce the launch of its plugin for WordPress. This new plugin allows users to manage their project portfolio and effectively enhance website editing workflows by connecting OpenAsset’s best-in-class asset management with day-to-day web development and maintenance.

“We’re delighted to provide a deeply impactful improvement to our customers’ website management with our new plugin for WordPress,” says Jason Janicki, CEO at OpenAsset. “This marks a new milestone in our mission to streamline time-consuming tasks for AEC marketers and offer innovative solutions that help them drive more business for their firms.”

The OpenAsset plugin for WordPress instantly and easily publishes projects, staff bios, and stunning visuals straight to any company website where WordPress is the primary Content Management System (CMS) or back-end platform. The plugin is available on the WordPress Marketplace, and once installed, it is accessed on the WordPress Dashboard.

How the OpenAsset Plugin for WordPress Works

The intuitive plugin interface within WordPress makes it easy to enter OpenAsset fields and keywords. AEC marketers can then sync assets directly to their firm’s website to showcase projects and employee experience with a few clicks. The plugin enables the display of approved and consistent project details, enhancing the firm’s online presence and ensuring that messaging and content are updated across the entire website. 

“As the Product Marketing Director at OpenAsset, I am excited to introduce our intuitive WordPress plugin. This tool empowers AEC marketers to integrate project and employee data effortlessly, syncing assets directly to their firm’s website with just a few clicks, without needing a web developer for updates. By ensuring the display of approved and consistent project details, the plugin enhances the firm’s online presence and keeps content updated across the entire site. This integration underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that streamline workflows and elevate AEC firms’ digital marketing efforts.”

-Dhoreena Ventura, OpenAsset Director of Product Marketing

Key benefits of the plugin include:

  • Centralized Source of Truth: 

Empower your AEC marketing efforts by utilizing OpenAsset as the definitive source for your project and employee assets. This ensures consistency and reliability in the information you present to your audience.

  • Automated Synchronization: 

Say goodbye to manual updates and data discrepancies. With OpenAsset’s plugin for WordPress, any information edited or added within OpenAsset will automatically reflect on customers’ websites, ensuring real-time accuracy.

  • Marketer-Friendly Website Management: 

Customers no longer need coders or developers to change their websites. Our plugin allows marketers to directly update content, making it easy to keep your site fresh and engaging.

The OpenAsset plugin for WordPress is available now, and existing customers can add the module to their subscription by reaching out to their Customer Success Manager.

For more information about this plugin, please contact your OpenAsset Customer Success team member or

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